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Jason Crabb Whatever The Road (Reunion Records) For Fans of: Mac Powell, Casting Crowns, Darius Rucker QQQQ Regarding his inaugural full-length release on Reunion Records, Jason Crabb states “I feel like it’s a little more of who I am than what I’ve been. It’s where I want to be, and it’s wonderful.” The album title, Whatever The Road is, of sorts, a statement of Crabb’s approach to his current musical ventures. However, he’ll tell you this really isn’t anything new; “I’ve never wanted to be pigeonholed—I just wanted to make music.” If he isn’t already considered so, Crabb’s latest project will firmly entrench him as one of Christian music’s go-to guys—transcending perceptions and barreling through genre barriers. We certainly agree that the music is wonderful. Expertly pulling off the convergence of his award-winning vocals with new approaches in instrumental and production timbre, Whatever The Road provides an easy landing for both his established Southern Gospel fan base and those listeners who have never darkened the halls of a old-fashioned gospel sing-along. It seems the shoe fits, and Crabb will continue to collect many followers along the road, whatever direction he may go. In This Issue –Kevin Sparkman WE LIKE: “It’s a Good Life”