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AC Nichole Nordeman The Unmaking (Sparrow) FOR FANS OF: Joy Williams, Plumb, Francesca Battistelli QQQQ Andrew Peterson The Burning Edge of Dawn (Centricity) FOR FANS OF: Rich Mullins QQQQ In the ten years since Nichole Nordeman’s last release, the singer/songwriter/piano player has flown somewhat under the radar aside from some spot touring, writing the Music Inspired By The Story concept collection, popping up on a few compilations and getting covered com- pletely out of the blue by Prince. Despite The Unmaking EP clocking in at a mere six songs, it sure is wonderful to have her back to penning personal, pensive and sometimes challenging sentiments, accompanied by stirring contem- porary pop arrangements. Throughout the short but sweet journey, Nordeman turns her attention to themes of brokenness and making the most of each moment, and regardless of the lengthy absence, she sounds even more seasoned than the last time around. After releasing Light For The Lost Boy, the obvious place for Andrew Peterson to turn was inward. The previous album’s epic scope would be hard to follow, so it’s not surprising the acclaimed songwriter partnered with producer Gabe Scott for a more intimate, confessional set of songs on The Burning Edge of Dawn. It’s often plaintive, yet always vulnerable, and fits comfortably alongside much earlier albums in Peterson’s discography. Of note, “My One Safe Place” celebrates Peterson’s wife in a memorable refrain, and “Rejoice” takes the oft-sung Biblical command and gives it a new song. Burning Edge is a classic Andrew Peterson release filled with powerful analogies of God and a Godward faith meant to challenge and encourage the listener’s journey. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Name” –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “The Rain Keeps Falling”