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urban pop David Dunn Crystal Clear (BEC Recordings) FOR FANS OF: Kevin Max, Phil Wickham QQQ Various / Motion Picture Soundtrack Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change (InPop) FOR FANS OF: Newsboys, Mat Kearney QQ If Crystal Clear by David Dunn sounds familiar, it’s because the talented synth-pop vocalist already released an EP of the same name. This full-length album keeps all five of the EP’s tracks and adds another five new tunes along with two remixes and a song from Dunn’s indie days. While it may prove disappointing to early fans who have heard most of these songs before, newer tracks like “No Matter What” are as hypnotic as the familiar favorites. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “No Matter What” The official soundtrack for the John Hagee New York Times best-selling book- turned-documentary-now- full-motion-picture (released March 2015) does little to prop up the mostly well- received docu-drama. Two of the first three tracks are previous Mat Kearney (“Sooner Or Later”) and Newsboys (the Peter Furler- fronted “In Wonder”) recordings, which serve as the only real high points. But, if you like variety, this collection also includes numbers from V.Rose, Canton Junction, and the JJ Weeks Band. –Kevin Sparkman WE LIKE: “Sooner Or Later” (Mat Kearney) Worship The Monks Of Norcia Benedicta (Decca) FOR FANS OF: Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, Enigma QQQ Another Gregorian chant album has entered into the consciousness of popular culture with Benedicta from The Monks of Norcia. Seemingly screaming with its silence, perhaps it is the appeal of extreme minimalism that grabs the attention of the masses, which have propelled the album’s rankings on the Billboard charts. For pop music junkies who are influenced by headlines, know now that the recording does not offer any remixes or even instrumentation, but the simplistic beauty of its intrinsic traits are sounds to behold. –Kevin Sparkman WE LIKE: Press play & spend an hour away from the noise