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AC Worship Burlap To Cashmere Freedom Souls (Self-Released) FOR FANS OF: Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, The Avett Brothers QQQQ Kristene DiMarco Mighty (Capitol CMG, Jesus Culture Music) FOR FANS OF: Kim Walker-Smith, Kari Jobe QQQ Bethel Music Without Words: Synesthesia (Provident) FOR FANS OF: The Album Leaf, Hammock, Tycho QQQQ Past recording history may have been spotty, but Burlap To Cashmere is officially back with Freedom Souls, which lands somewhere in the stylistic middle of 1998’s rhythmically booming breakthrough Anybody Out There? and 2011’s more folksy self-titled follow-up. Though the production takes a more homespun approach than either of those slightly more slick collections, lyrically, Burlap to Cashmere ranks right up there with any spiritually thirsty troubadour from the ‘70s, crossed with cutting edge musicianship that ranges from inventive indie rock to ethnically- influenced jams. Mighty, the third solo project from worship artist Kristene DiMarco, is a clear departure from her previous studio projects. Unlike her first two efforts, the album was recorded live and showcases DiMarco’s bold worship style. It features a solid lineup of original worship songs, some of which are bolstered by choruses and stanzas from traditional hymns. Fans of DiMarco’s first two efforts may miss the singer/songwriter feel, but lovers of her powerful worship leading will be delighted with what they find here. Keeping the vocal mic’s stowed away and focusing on an experience purely through the music, the Bethel Music organization’s second all-instrumental album is accessible and widely applicable with familiar tracks such as “It Is Well,” “This Is Amazing Grace,” and “Oceans.” The album’s true gems, however, are found in the original tracks interspersed between new arrangements on classic worship tunes. The instrumentation, orchestration, and overall arranging on Synesthesia prove the level of depth and talent behind this organization. –Andy Argyrakis –Jamie Walker We like: “It is Well” (Live) –Kevin Sparkman WE LIKE: “In Over My Head” WE LIKE: “I Will Follow”