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SETH AND NIRVA UNITE! By Mat t Conner While Seth and Nirva may be new names to most, chances are, if you’re a concert-going CCM fan, you’ve probably seen them live! They both got their start singing background for various artists like TobyMac, Kirk Franklin and Chris Tomlin, just to name a few. After years of ministry apart, however, the couple (who have been married for 7 years) felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit to walk in a different direction together. That path has led them to the forthcoming release of the first album, I Need You. CCM got to chat with the duo about marriage, ministry and music… CCM: After such amazing solo gigs, how did this new moniker and EP come about? Nirva: We’ve made careers of singing background for Christian artists and other artists and have finally been afforded the opportuniy to make this EP. Seth: We’ve loved being a part of other people’s ministries. After we got married, we decided to do ministry and travel together. We started working on stuff, but we have somewhat busy lives… It took five years to do six songs. But we’re ready to jump in and get started ! CCM: Given the diversity of the artists you’ve worked with in the past, how would you describe your sound? Nirva: The collection of songs is pretty diverse. There’s pop, funk, soul, hip-hop and R&B, all mixed together to create a message of hope. Seth: When we started four or five years ago, I took a few songs she’d already been